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"...we work with the
client team to analyze
the data and recommend a course of action to bring the curriculum up to standard."
Fidello Offers the following Curriculum Management Consulting services:
  • Curriculum Evaluation
  • Curriculum Design/Re-Design
  • Custom Design of Learning Resources
Curriculum Evaluation
The purpose of training curriculum evaluation are:
  • To examine the existing curriculum (or set of learning resources available to employees in the target audience) in light of current and valid competency models and profiles, for competency “coverage.”
  • To evaluate the effectiveness and applicability of each learning resource in the curriculum.
  • To improve current training programs, as indicated by the evaluation.
  • Wherever we identify necessary training as missing, to design and produce appropriate learning resources or to recommend acquisition of fitting
    “off-the-shelf” products to fill the identified gaps.
Working closely with client SMEs at every step, we adapt the following proven process (which we have used successfully to conduct competency-based curriculum analysis and development for several clients, including Tupperware Pacific, Michigan Consolidated Gas Company, First Security Corporation, Mastec, and the Golf Course Superintendents Association) to evaluate and, as indicated, re-design the target curriculum.

  • Gather all existing learning resources in the curriculum for the target audience.
  • Develop a two dimensional matrix with competencies on one axis and learning resources on the other. (This matrix is often called a curriculum map.)
  • Evaluate each learning resource in the curriculum to determine fit to competency models.
  • Evaluate each learning resource for quality of learning objectives, learning activities, content, delivery methods, and audience appropriateness.
  • Determine which competencies are supported by each learning resource and how well they are supported.
  • Make an appropriate indication on the matrix (no mark for competencies not supported, gray fill for competencies partially supported, and black fill for competencies completely supported). At the end of this comprehensive analysis, much will be revealed on the matrix about the state of the curriculum, including gaps in competency coverage, coverage overlap, and gaps in curriculum quality.

Curriculum Design/Re-Design

With Curriculum Evaluation and matrix complete, we work with the client team to analyze the data and recommend a course of action to bring the curriculum up to standard. The first step is to produce a Curriculum Analysis Report and Recommendations, which includes the following:
  • Findings: We provide a clear and detailed report of our findings. Included in the report will be findings regarding competency coverage/gaps and quality of training (learning methodology/match to audience, activities, content, appropriateness, etc.)
  • Recommendations: We provide clear and detailed suggestions for closing competency gaps. Included in the recommendations may be suggestions for acquisition of “off-the-shelf” training programs and/or design plans for new training needed to close competency gaps in the curriculum.
  • The design plans are based upon the behavioral anchors from the competency catalogs. Often included also are recommendations for improving, through editing or re-design, existing learning resources, and for combining or eliminating existing resources.
  • We also recommend an action plan for revising the curriculum, including a priority-based timeline for action (the timeline will be dependent upon findings from the training needs assessments outlined above, and upon the relative importance of the competencies for which there are curriculum gaps).
We recommend
the most efficient and
cost-effective option for
filling each competency
Through our Make vs. Buy Analysis and Recommendations service, we help clients decide upon the optimum course of action for filling curriculum gaps revealed in the curriculum evaluation. Here's how it works:
  • In each instance where necessary training is missing from the curriculum, we will conduct a “make or buy” decision, recommending the best action. Using the competency model as a guide, we will evaluate the quality and “fit” of “off-the-shelf” products.
  • When we find appropriate ready-made training, we weigh its quality and cost against the cost and effort required to develop a custom solutions for the client.
  • We recommend the most efficient and cost-effective option – purchasing the missing resource or developing a custom resource – for filling each competency gap.

Custom Design of Learning Resources
Taken together, our consulting team has designed and developed, for our clients, hundreds of successful learning resources, including materials for traditional classroom courses, workbooks for action learning, self-paced study materials, and software for hundreds of hours of web-based instruction.

Therefore, when creation of custom learning resources is the best option for filling gaps – and when improvements in existing training are required, we apply our proven instructional design methodology as outlined here:
  • Identify learning objectives (the competency models, existing training materials, job descriptions, and SME input will inform this step)
  • Create content outlines
  • Create learning activities appropriate to the needs and learning styles of the target audience
  • Create learning support materials (software, facilitator guides, participant materials, job aids, audio-visual/media materials, etc.)
  • Conduct pilot test of the resource
  • Revise design and materials as per pilot feedback
  • Create and submit final, “camera ready” learning support materials
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