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Ask yourself: "Make your mold.
The best flux in the
world will not make a
usable shape unless you
have a mold to pour
it in."
- Robert Collier
  • What is it that makes our key leaders and employees so valuable to the company?
  • To what degree is our company’s success dependent on these key people?
  • What will happen to our company when these people leave or retire?
  • What is our process for identifying, developing, and preparing others to step into key leadership roles?
Often, in an effort to achieve short-term objectives, it is easy to become so focused on the organization's immediate needs that long-term plans and strategies receive little or no attention. However, such short-term focus often leads to long-term disaster. Nearly 70% of all previously successful businesses fail because they neglect to develop and transition responsibility to the next generation of workers. In addition, the importance of succession planning is magnified in light of the aging work force. Many organizations are already finding it difficult to find top business and technical leaders to fill key roles. Imagine how
much more difficult it will be just ten years from now, when more than half of all
baby boomers will have reached retirement age.

The Competency-Based Advantage: Despite what some may think, there are no magic formulas, mind-reading, or clairvoyant skills needed to implement an effective succession planning system in an organization. The ability to identify and develop practical, hardworking business leaders simply requires an equally practical, hardworking system that can identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities required in a key position, and match them to the knowledge, skills, and abilities of potential candidates. This is one of the many advantages of a competency-based HR system. With a competency-based system you can:
  • Integrate all human resource systems such as succession planning, staffing, job design, training and development, and performance improvement
  • Create accurate profiles of key organizational leadership and management roles
  • Identify and develop a pool of candidates that can be groomed for key roles and responsibilities
  • Track progress of individual candidates toward desired competencies
  • Inform candidates of specific, measurable actions that indicate job or role readiness
"...there are no magic formulas, mind-reading, or clairvoyant skills needed to implement an effective succession planning system in an organization."What Fidello Can Do For You:
Fidello, Inc. is a leader in competency-based HR systems. Our approach to succession planning can provide your organization with the following:
  • Alignment of leaders’ and potential leaders’ behaviors with organization strategies
  • Accurate methods for measuring the “whole person” contribution of each succession candidate, not just classifying an individual by the description of their current position.
  • Succession processes and plans that meet your organization’s needs within your culture and environment
  • Automated, on-line candidate and management tools for identifying skills gaps and tracking/documenting progress toward desired results
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