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"The employer
generally gets the
employee he deserves."
- J. Paul Getty
Ask yourself:
  • How can we be more successful in attracting and retaining people with the skills to make us successful?
  • Would our people development systems attract top recruits to our organization?
  • How do we identify strategic competency gaps and needs within our organization?
In today's fiercely competitive business environment, organizations spend millions to identify and gain every possible competitive advantage. However, few organizations actually capitalize on the potential for competitive advantage that exists in the area of recruitment and selection. Consequently, the organization that can quickly find and hire the most qualified people – to positions in which they are best suited – has a powerful advantage over its competitors.

Advantage is seen in many ways:
  • Faster identification of position requirements and candidate qualifications
  • Decreased administrative time and effort
  • Decreased legal exposure based on improved documentation and objective selection criteria
  • Increased ability to identify top candidates quickly
  • Increased retention due to more accurate matching of individuals to competency requirements
  • Better utilization of internal talent
  • Immediate identification of skills gaps and available actions for correcting
  • Increased productivity and bottom-line contribution
The key to this advantage is found in the systematic identification of required skills and the use of automated tools to match those requirements against candidate experience and skills.

"The organization
that can quickly hire and
find the most qualified
people has a powerful
advantage over its

Let Fidello help you:
  • Identify, carefully define, and document strategic competency profiles for use in designing recruitment and selection tools
  • Design online, competency-based tools for assessing internal and external job candidates
  • Integrate software that will track competency assessment of employees, and produce aggregate reports that identify individual, workgroup, and organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Implement automated tools for online support of interviewing and tracking of candidate assessment data and progress
  • Develop aligned processes that maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment and selection activities

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