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HR Web™
 HR Web is a comprehensive Intranet-based software solution for many Human Resource development needs. Including Learning Management!

"Our 18 years
of experience in these
areas brings maturity in
anticipating the kinds of
challenges our clients
Fidello's Learning Management System:
  • Robust
  • Easy to use
  • Integrates with supporting HR processes
  • Supports blended learning
Fidello’s Learning Management System provides all the robust features and functions required to manage the ongoing development of our clients’ employees. It enables clients to streamline their learning management process and is easy for their employees to use.

The strongest testament to the simplicity of navigating within HR Web is the fact the 90+% of all our technical support calls come for two reasons: The user can’t find their password, or there are issues related to the HRIS data that is provided from the client’s HR System. Both are easy issues to remedy.

Ease of use has been a design requirement from the very beginning of the launch of our web-based systems in 1996. Our ability to interface seamlessly with single-sign-on requirements simplifies the secure login process and the users’ initial experience. As a result, the system knows who the employee is and often knows what their role is. With this information, HR Web can automatically link to learning resources, competency requirements, career pathing needs, and other HR processes – all of which simplify and enhance the users’ experience.

HR Web supports blended learning capabilities, integration with existing HR Processes including HRIS systems, mature administration capabilities and integration of evolving content requirements. Of particular note is HR Web’s ability to integrate seamlessly with career planning, assessment, and staffing requirements. Our 18 years of experience in these areas brings maturity in anticipating the kinds of challenges our clients encounter.
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