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"The difference between
what we are doing and what
we're capable of doing
would solve most of the
world's problems."
- Mahatma Gandhi
Is your approach to leadership development:
  • Focused? Is it specifically targeted on the most pivotal results your leaders must achieve?
  • Friendly? Is it easy to access? Does it use language familiar to your organization?
  • Flexible? Is it adaptable to the availability, skill levels and budgets of your leaders?
  • Fast? Is it available to leaders when they want it…how they want it?
Based upon more than 33,000 open-ended survey responses asking, What People Expect from Their Leaders, Fidello’s approach has taken leadership development to a new level. With LEADING INDICATORS™ we can assess leaders on 52 measures of effective leadership. Then, based upon the results we can help both leaders and organizations focus their development efforts on those factors that are most closely tied to the business results they are expected to achieve.

LEADING INDICATORS™ is a fully on-line assessment and development tool that is open to both self- and multi-rater feedback. Its database is complete with a number best practices and suggested readings associated with each of the 52 leading indicators (grouped into 8 clusters). Users can also be directed to a variety of learning resources including workshops and tapes that are on the open market or matched up with your organization’s existing offerings.

Let Fidello help you...
  • Apply a research-based approach to developing your leaders.
  • Tailor a tested leadership framework to the development goals of your leaders.
  • Link Leading Indicators to your organization’s training and other HR needs.
  • Raise you leaders’ levels from what they are doing to what they are capable of doing.
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