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HR Web is a comprehensive Intranet-based software solution for many Human Resource development needs.

"One Size
Does Not Fit All"
HR Web's Flexible
Single User Interface
Meets the Needs of
Your Environment.
HR Web Modular Design Supports Multiple Human Resource Development Needs. The HR Web modules support many HR functions, including:
  • Competency Assessments (either manager to subordinate or 360?)
  • Competency Gap Analysis
  • Employee Development Action Planning
  • Job/Role Competency Profiling
  • Succession/Recruitment Planning
  • Learning Management
  • Training and Development Strategies and Forecasts
  • Goal/Objective/Performance Management
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Team Development
A key feature of HR Web is flexibility. The modules are designed to act independently where appropriate, or combine with other modules to provide a single user interface performing numerous beneficial activities. We know that to meet your needs, the “one size fits all” concept just doesn’t work. You have numerous and varied activities occurring simultaneously. With HR Web, you can mix and match capabilities to support your needs. In addition, our experience has shown us that each client has a unique cultural environment where HR Web is introduced. We customize the interfaces, the terminology, and even the methodology to support your culture’s specific needs.

"With HR Web,
you can mix and match
capabilities to
support your needs."
HR Web, an Intranet-Based Program, Offers Many Advantages

Intranet-based software provides these advantages:
  • Quick access for everyone connected to the Intranet
  • No hard drive overload (no software is installed on end-user PCs)
  • Centrally located information offers immediate results for employees and managers.
  • Reporting opportunities offer completely up-to-date information immediately when you need it—no waiting for paperwork
  • Minimal maintenance as information is easy to update
  • No software duplication costs for each assessment cycle or process
What’s Required to Run HR Web?
The HR Web software requires the following configuration: Browsers: Netscape 4.0+ or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0
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