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A competency-based
approach to development
planning & career management
aligns development resources
& career aspirations in
support of the organization
strategies & needs.
If you need answers to the following questions, we can help your organization:
  • How can our people decide which roles would be best for them as they move forward in the organization?
  • How can we involve our people more in planning and carrying out their own development?
  • How can we help our people identify their strengths and their development needs?
  • How can we keep better track of the skills and knowledge of our people?
  • How can we make better decisions about investing in employee development?
  • How do our people feel about our people development processes?
  • How can we provide our people with the right tools to make good decisions about their own development?
Why work with Fidello?
Our competency-based approach to development planning and career management provides the following important benefits to you and your organization:
  • Increased employee morale and enthusiasm as they learn to make informed, wise decisions about their development and their careers.
  • Enhanced individual and organizational performance as strategically-targeted competencies are improved.
  • Improved retention of top performers who use the tools
to grow and find satisfaction in their career advancement and success.
  • Improved commitment to and accountability for achievement of strategic objectives.
Fidello can help you with the following:
  • Create competency inventories and job profiles that reflect your organization’s strategy and culture.
  • Implement on-line, user-friendly, powerful tools for assessing performance, planning development, and managing careers.
  • Implement on-line tools for managing the training and development function, reporting aggregate developmental needs, and providing managers with data for budget, curriculum, and scheduling decisions.
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