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A strategic competency inventory forms the foundation for strategic HR systems. Fidello consultants have extensive experience helping clients identify and document the knowledge and skills their employees need to perform successfully. We have served such major private sector clients as EDS, 3M, Avon , Fidelity Investments, Tupperware, and First Security Corporation. We have helped such public sector clients as the United Nations, US Army , US Navy , US Air Force, and Mississippi Department of Transportation. In every instance we have worked closely with client subject matter experts, carefully analyzed existing materials and created competency documentation that defines requisite skills and knowledge in behavior terms, so that performance against the competencies is observable and measurable.

"Fidello consultants have extensive experience helping clients identify & document the knowledge & skills their employees need to perform successfully." We have learned that organizations, whose leaders recognize the potential strategic performance value of competency-based systems, must answer two very important questions:
  • Can we afford to commit the time, money, and resources required to develop a competency inventory?
  • Can we afford not to? For most organizations, the answer to question number one is, “It depends” and the answer to question number two is “no.”
The answer to question #1 depends on the method an organization selects to identify its strategic competencies. There are essentially three methods:
  • Purchase a ready-made, off-the-shelf model
  • Customize an off-the-shelf model to fit the organization’s strategy and culture
  • Develop a custom model

Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages. The ready-made models are relatively inexpensive. However, if this type of model happens to tightly fit an organization's strategy and culture, the fit is purely accidental. And, since these models are not internally generated, understanding and “buy-in” will likely be low for those most affected by the model.

A ready-made model can be customized to be a better fit for the organization. Involving organization members in this process can also bring about wider understanding and buy-in. Although this method produces an improved model, the improvement comes with an increase in cost.

The surest way to obtain a robust, complete, accurate, and valid competency inventory is to develop it, from the bottom up, taking the time to involve many stakeholders. In spite of the superior quality of a competency inventory developed using this method, many organizations reject it because it requires a significant commitment of time, money, and resources.

Fidello offers all three of these options (along with some hybrids). Our Universal Competency Catalog™ , developed over many years of research and practice, is an excellent ready solution. If a client selects method #2, we can help them customize our catalog to their strategy and culture. With either of these options, we can deliver value.

However, it is with option #3 that we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We have developed an optimal method for developing custom competency inventories for our clients. Our methodology minimizes the costs (in time, money, and resources) and maximizes the quality of the custom competency inventory.

Within just a few weeks, our clients have working competency inventories integrating their HR systems and positively impacting individual and aggregate strategic performance. The inventories are created by involving the organizations top performers in a series of competency workshops. Our consultants facilitate a time-proven and refined process that ties individual behaviors with achievement of organizational strategy.

Our years of experience have taught us that this competency research method is much more efficient than more time- and labor-intensive methods (multiple individual interviews, surveys/questionnaires, and hours of observation of workers on the job). We welcome the opportunity to help you decide on and implement the method that suits your needs.
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